We don't have many rules at the castle, but there are a few guidelines we ask you to follow to ensure the enjoyment of all of our guests:


Smoking is limited to our smoking TV room, our game room, our pool area, and outside.
Dress Code

We maintain a clothing-flexible policy inside and on our sun decks. Ask for guidance if you choose to wander around the property. 

No means no.


If you wish to drink alcohol, you will need to bring your own. 
Madison is one of only five dry counties in Florida. You can purchase beer and wine coolers at the local grocery store except on Sundays
Any other liquor (vodka, rum, gin, etc.)  must be purchased outside of the county.
There is no "community" alcohol. If you see alcohol in the kitchen, it belongs to someone.
Alcohol induced obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated.

Pool Area

No glass in the pool area
No diving - the pool is very shallow
If you uncover the hot tub, put the cover back on when you are done.
If you turn the pool lights on, turn them off when you are done.

Game Room

There is a guest room off of the game room. If that guest room is rented, please be courteous of sleeping guests.